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Are you on the search for finding the best gluten free pizza in Brighton?

If you’re gluten-intolerant, or just avoid gluten for dietary reasons, you’ll know how hard it is to find gluten free pizza alternatives that are actually tasty.

It’s true, gluten free pizza doughs are often dry and flavourless. Tasting more like cardboard than pizza dough.

And how much does it suck when your friends eat out and you have to miss out on the deliciousness of pizza?

Here’s the thing, pizzas are such a worldwide favourite that gives so many people joy.

No one should miss out on it.

So, what makes a good gluten free pizza dough and where can you find it?

Before we get into that, we need to understand what gluten is and why it’s in pizza dough.

What is gluten & what’s it doing in pizza dough?

Gluten is from a family of proteins which are found in wheat, rye, spelt, and barley. It’s what makes flour and seeing as the majority of people use flour to make dough…it’s in pizza dough!

Now, you’ve probably made pizza dough and noticed that the more you knead it the more the dough is able to stretch.

Remember those family of proteins we were talking about?

Well, turns out when you add water to wheat flour, the gluten proteins form a network, giving the dough a glue-like consistency. 

Now when you first add the water, the proteins are all outta shape and not in order.

As soon you start kneading the dough, they start to line up and form chains of amino acid.

Okay, maybe we got a bit too technical there…basically kneading the dough forms these proteins and gives the dough shape and that loveable tasty light and chewy texture. 

So, since its gluten that gives pizza dough its best features…making a gluten free pizza can be a bit of a challenge

Fear not! It’s not impossible, it just takes a tiny bit more thought and care…

What makes a good gluten free pizza?

Not too dry

It’s well known that anything gluten free is usually dry or tasteless. 

You know what happens you end dry food?

Well it mixes with your saliva and forms a kind of pasta in your mouth…not enjoyable at all.

So a good gluten free pizza is made with a little extra water when baked so it doesn’t dry out in the oven. 

Chewy and soft

Hate it when you order a gluten free pizza and get a bunch of biscuits and cheese?

That’s the thing, finding a happy medium between chewy and soft in a gluten free pizza can be tough but with just the right amount of ingredients you can do it 

The right amount of crispy and soft

The last struggle is the perfect amount of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

This perfect texture comes from air bubbles that are trapped in the dough from the yeast during the proofing process.

Problem is, gluten free pizza doesn’t trap those bubbles as well.

But with any problem, there’s always a solution!

Add baking powder to a gluten free dough, this will let the dough to rise in the oven and give you that perfectly crispy and soft gluten free pizza base!

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